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I offer a variety of options for entrepreneurs and support organizations. Need a service not listed below? Contact me.

The Startup Package

Business plan development, cash flow forecasting, and additional support to help you find the best resources for your business.
Includes 10 hours of 1:1 business planning with Rebecca Palmer.


Hire Rebecca for a 1hr, 2 hr, 1/2 day or full-day customized workshop.

  • Inclusive Ecosystems
  • The One Page Business Plan
  • Design Thinking
  • Entrepreneurship 101

1:1 Support

1:1 support for business planning, research, or accountability. This is also the perfect option should you need some help with idea generation.

Are you ready to join the Great Resignation and launch your business?

Let’s face it – the last few years have been tough. Chances are, you have found yourself either working from home, or working in a high-risk setting. Either way, you are ready for change, have an idea, want to launch your business, and be your own boss.

Launching a business can be scary, especially if it is your first time. As your business concierge, strategist and advisor, I will help you navigate the process of launching your business and becoming an entrepreneur. Together, we will turn your rough idea into a great opportunity.

We all need support and it is especially true in the world of entrepreneurship when we are often facing challenges alone. The first step to the process is learning about you – your ideas, goals, strengths and weaknesses. You will be guided on how to validate your idea and create a viable business plan, and provided with additional resources to assist you in your journey. I take mental health seriously so we will also work on stress management and mental health awareness to help you avoid burnout.

So why me? As a long time entrepreneur, business consultant and ecosystem builder, I have built a strong network of connections around the world. There are many resources available but finding them can be difficult – unless you have a navigator. I will help you navigate through the entrepreneurial multiverse to find the information you need such as funding programs, community supports and connections that will support you along the business journey. Connecting people to what they need is one of my superpowers. What is yours?

Lastly, I will be radically candid with you. Ideas are not always great and sometimes, the idea is amazing but your customer is simply not ready for it. Remember Laserdisc? TiVo? I always encourage my clients to look at all their options and to consider their personal needs.

Book a free discovery call with me today so we can get to know each other and find out if Triigo programs are the right fit for you.

Bonus: You will leave our discovery call with at least one new resource or idea!

When you work with me, you also gain access to my brain – a wealth of knowledge and resources gathered from around the world.  

  • explore your passions and purpose
  • identify pain points and weaknesses PLUS learn how to make them strengths!
  • create and validate your ideas
  • develop your one page business plan using the Lean Model Canvas
  • learn tactics to grow your business
  • develop your ideal customer profile / customer persona
  • identify issues with user experience
  • set clear goals
  • launch your business!

Rebecca Palmer

Who is Rebecca?

I’m an entrepreneur, founder of EntreLaunch Inc., teacher, business advisor, community builder, mom for over 3 decades and so much more. Overall, I am a multipotentialite and look forward to sharing resources and talents with you.

My travels have taken me around the world as a guest lecturer (and board member) for GEN Moldova, a delegate at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance (2014), a speaker (and regular attendee) at GEC Global Entrepreneurial Congress, and as an event attendee and/or workshop leader at numerous events providing an indescribable amount of knowledge and wisdom. 

I have also organized or co-organized a number of events including Get In The Ring Ottawa (2019) and F-Up 2015 (Global Entrepreneurship Week).

As someone who has also experienced mental health challenges (and is not afraid to share), we will also look at entrepreneurial mental health and tools to assist you in your journey.

Looking forward to meeting you



“All human beings are born entrepreneurs. Some get a chance to unleash that capacity. 
Some never got the chance, never knew that he or she has that capacity.”

~Muhammad Yunus


Here is what people are saying about Rebecca


“I thoroughly recommend making the time to connect with Rebecca and collaborating with her, she’s amazing. I have invited her as a speaker for the Stay safe but stay in Business Webinar series. Her topic was “Starting out as a startup”, the content is memorable and provocative (in a positive way!) and leaves you with no choice but to take action, all the attending participants admitted that they’ve learnt a lot and we would love to receive her in Algeria after the Pandemic.”

Spencer M.

Spencer M.

"I took the i13 entrepreneurship course in the summer of 2021. I had just moved to Ottawa and this course make me feel part of a community. Everyone was very kind, patient, and willing to help out to make my venture succeed. I was introduced to several professionals in my field and beyond. The instructor, Rebecca, was a fantastic presenter, and she made me feel welcome in the course. I loved that the course encouraged you to work hard on your project/venture but Rebecca understood that everyone has different resources and time availabilities and that there is no one correct way to succeed. The lessons were helpful, but the connections I made in the course were the most valuable thing, and I hope to keep these relationships strong as I continue my venture. I would highly recommend taking this course if you are interested in starting a business and feel you need some guidance and motivation."