22 Feb

Be a Real Life Superhero!

wds 2014 1544This summer, I learned we could all be superheroes. We simply need to step up, tie on our imaginary cape and be great!

Thanks to Dee Williams (Portland Alternative Dwellings) talk at World Domination Summit, many of us donned blanket capes as we performed one superhero dance after another.

The truth is we don’t need a blanket cape, a uniform or anything but ourselves to be a superhero. The power is within us all to set it free.

Even now, others may look at you as a superhero even though you may not realize it. Someone out there – your family, friends, coworkers or strangers – value you for something you have did that has inspired them or changed their lives.

Everyday superheroes exist!

They are doctors, nurses, teachers, police, fire, ambulance. They are also mothers, father, activists, leaders, volunteers and strangers – anyone who lends a helping hand to another. It may supercape partybe a service performed, a meal shared or bought or it could simply be a few words that allow someone else to realize their own potential or know they are not alone.

We all have gifts we can share with the world. Our own opportunity to be a superhero is before us.

So tie on your cape and get out there. The world needs you!

20 Feb

Be More Than a Broadcaster

It’s called social media. Are you being social or simply acting as a broadcaster?broadcasters

Too many people join Twitter thinking that simply re-tweeting posts or tweeting out their own sales and information means that they are using Twitter right. But, that is simply broadcasting – a one-way message.

Sharing information is important but it must be countered with your own business voice. Compose an original tweet providing value to your followers. Ask a question. Comment on a tweet. Thank another tweep for liking your posting, mentioning your name or providing a useful link. Create a two-way conversation. Want to kick it up a notch? Join a twitter chat.

Regardless of the platform, it is vital to be involved in an exchange of information to truly create a social environment. When you interact with your audience, your audience will interact with you to create a two-way flow of information; an exchange that can benefit both parties. Engage your audience on all platforms and put the social back in social media.