24 Mar

What Happens When You Ask 120 Strangers a Question?

Last year I launched Triigo Project just prior to the start of Day 1 of World Domination wds 2014 1626Summit. It was a leap of faith and so far out of my comfort zone! Not only did I speak to hundreds of new people, I also asked over 120 people to answer a question, write on a board and have their picture taken. Surprisingly, over 113 people said YES!

The question was the same. Some people answered quickly grabbing the marker from my hand while others needed time to think. So many wonderful answers and such a great way to meet amazing people, some of whom I randomly met again months later.

Slowly, each picture will receive its own post. I will admit that my blog posts occur with less frequency than preferred but they are coming.

For now, it’s time to share all the answers with you.

The Question: What is the Change You Want to See In The World?

  1. More people enjoying the benefits of play and being in nature – unknown
  2. Less social isolation for seniors – unknown
  3. Be Happy – unknown
  4. Compassion, love simple and joyous
  5. Education for all – Dustin Main
  6. Increase arts Funding – Gavin Aung Than
  7. More courage – Deanna Stull
  8. That people are known and loved – Jenna F.wds 2014 1580
  9. Real Life Superheros – Keith Martin
  10. Equality for women world-wide – Wendy Goodman
  11. Clean drinkable water worldwide – Brandi Roberts and Jason Roberts
  12. Self-respect for all – Kevin Goodman
  13. More People asking “Why” – Chris Guillebeau
  14. For us all to be more present everyday – Gary Hirsch
  15. Lawyers come alive – unknown (airport)
  16. More people enjoying the benefits of play and being in nature – unknown
  17. Less social isolation for seniors – J.S.
  18. I want more people to be aware of their environmental impact – unknown (photo challenge
  19. More female world leaders – unknown (photo challenge)
  20. I want to see more women in technology – unknown (photo challenge)
  21. More kindness – Maureen Kennywds 2014 1583
  22. Everyone lives with intention and have tons of fun – unknown (photo challenge)
  23. Girls education – Karen Taylor
  24. More love, less trash – Kathy L
  25. I want to see people hugging each other (watch for huggist.com) – Larry Taylor
  26. A more well-travelled society – unknown
  27. Less judgement – unknown
  28. More gardeners – unknown
  29. Love of learning – unknown
  30. More philosophy students – unknown
  31. Education – Portland Men’s Roller Derby
  32. To see people better respect themselves and others (and wear pretty shoes) – Warren Farmerwds 2014 1539
  33. Seeing people living a life of purpose and stop following the path that society made for them/transforming the existing business model – Maxime Charron
  34. I’d like to see everyone incorporate meaningful service to others into their lives – Elly Klein
  35. Single payer system – American health Care – recovering physician – Sam Harrington
  36. No guns, war, or violence of any kind – Sara Shiflet
  37. Men Deeply Connected to their Feelings – Dane Maxwell
  38. Authenticity & Compassion – Robin Small
  39. More love & acceptance for everyone – J. Sheppard
  40. I want everyone to know and believe they are valuable – Ryan Haack
  41. For all human beings to know and embody their beauty within – Charmaine Haworth
  42. For the spirit of WDS to become the norm and not the exception. Everyone should chase their dreams – Matt Fangman
  43. There’s nothing you need to do to become who you already are. – Josh Becker
  44. The world around us is wondrous. Look around and know thy home better. – Jennifer IdolIMG_9129
  45. For us all to be true to our soul’s purpose and share it (and market it bigtime!) – Lynan Saperstein
  46. Peace between men and women – Robert Domingo
  47. Authenticity – Drew Lawton
  48. People remembering their divinity – Jolie Dawn
  49. Forget Money. Barter! – Jim Shields
  50. Affordable Education for Everyone – Brandon Eley
  51. Women’s Rights being recognized as “human” rights & being universal – B.S.
  52. Expanding Joy – Erin Brimmer
  53. Endless opportunities for my daughter and other girls too – unknown
  54. Everyone has a voice – Marjorie D.
  55. No mental boundaries – unknown
  56. More nice people – Sean HarryIMG_9137
  57. More JOY! –unknown
  58. Kindness & GRATITUDE – Megan Conley
  59. Acceptance – Kristen
  60. I need to be the change in the world. – Rodrigo Antunes
  61. Work to live not live to work! – Thomas Powers
  62. Education helping students find their passion – Marli Williams
  63. I want everyone to know they are AWESOME they way they are! – Jenna
  64. Nice people living a limitless life! – Teresa Lancaster
  65. More compassionate self-awareness – Michelle Roswell
  66. For everyone to see their amazing, beautiful inner light and let go of self-loathing – Kelly Smith
  67. No more MS – auGI Garred
  68. No more war! – unknown
  69. I want to see people with Down Syndrome respected for who they are, and given IMG_9121opportunities to live their best lives. – unknown
  70. Peace & Harmony – unknown (random person outside Voodoo doughnuts)
  71. That we really get that we’re all in this together. #SpiritMoxie – Sally Sedgwick
  72. That everyone knows they are loved – no matter where they’ve come from of what they’ve done. – unknown
  73. Loving connections – Megan Hoernke
  74. More people exploring – Wendy Peters
  75. For everyone to do one kind thing ONCE a week for someone – Michael Cassidy
  76. Better relations between countries – Hector Padilla
  77. Children acting kindly toward each other – always. – Erica Vireo
  78. Love and acceptance for ALL – unknown
  79. True equality for ALL – Erin Brule
  80. Peace, Love & Kindness – Lisa DiGess?
  81. Great global health – Caralyn M
  82. Feminine worldwide leadership – Sara Mazenko
  83. To see everyone treat each other like family (a happy one!) – Robert Shaye
  84. Eliminate fossil fuel dependence – Andrew KennedyIMG_9106
  85. Global collaboration to solve world issues – Rebecca Palmer
  86. More people taking a leap of faith and go all in on their dream – Pernille Norregaard
  87. End US involvement in War! And clean water for everyone on earth. – Sharon Murphy
  88. Less fear, more joy – Jennifer Kalinowski
  89. Eliminate illiteracy – everyone needs the gift of reading/writing/LEARNING – Melissa Kalinowski
  90. Understanding we are all the same. – Kevin Hassett
  91. We need more dancing in the world! – Maureen Kenny and Rebecca Palmer
  92. People to be more kind. – Erin Hill
  93. More LOVE! – Maria Kleiber
  94. I want to see no obese people in the world – G.S.
  95. No more Fossil Fuels! – Patrice Martin
  96. No more sexual assault victims! – Emily Moore
  97. I dream with a world where everyone works with something they love! – Leticia Carneiro da Silva
  98. People to feel empowered to change illegal government surveillance. – Andru Edwards
  99. For more people to live their passions instead of what society expects. – unknown
  100. NO HUNGER ANYWHERE – Kerri Kirshner
  101. For no one to feel lonely. – unknown
  102. For the US to support the entrepreneurial leadership – Peyton
  103. Everyone has something to smile about – Jill Jozwiak
  104. Everyone feels they can be themselves – Allison Pirret
  105. Laughter – Brandi Holmes
  106. More hugs – Nathan Coury
  107. More compassion! Love!! & Forgiveness!!! – Natalie Khun
  108. Less ME & More WE – Mark Stern & Jacki Beem
  109. Everyone choosing love over fear – Jacki Beem
  110. That everyone could see his or her greatness and that everyone was as positive & supportive as our WDS community. – unknown
  111. A conscious business – unknown
  112. More small businesses truly helping people. – unknown
  113. That we all aim our lens on each persons positive side and focus on what we have in common as opposed to focusing on our differences. 2. Stop watching TV and start watching ourselves – Talib Hussain

Thank you everyone for being part of this project. Please let me know if your name is incorrect or if you are one of the unknown people (sadly not all badges were photographed or legible).

I would love to hear from you as to any steps you have taken to create change over the last year.

Please also let me know if I will see you this year at WDS2015.





18 Mar

3 Steps to Turn Your Passion Into Profit

What if you could turn what you love to do into what you live to do?

Instead of spending your day working for someone else doing something that you thoroughly dislike, you could be turning your passion into profit.

Follow these 3 steps to turn your passion into profit and live the life want rather than letting life live you.

Step 1: Identify your Passion.

Identifying your passion is a journey. At times we may not know what we are really passionate about simply because there are so many opportunities out there. We all need to take a step back, evaluate our strengths and weaknesses and figure out what that one thing is that truly excites us.

It was only a few short years ago that I felt at my own crossroads, stuck between the need for a J.O.B. (just over broke) and meeting my own personal goals.  Don’t be afraid to explore different areas as you work to define your passion – exploration is required because you may not have been exposed yet to your path. Before starting my first business, I felt lost. I hated my job not because it was difficult but because I felt a lack of fulfillment. I felt there was so much more I was meant to do. So I applied to law school. I thought this was the right way to go but it was not meant to be. A year later I left my secure job with great employer to launch a business. I was excited for change but not as much as I am now. That business was not what I loved to do but it did lead me on my current path as I was exposed to new thoughts, ideas, people and knowledge. I have explored many options and each path lead me towards my true path – empowering others through conversation.

The path to finding your purpose will be a journey. Take time to open your heart and mind to the unknown and embrace what makes you feel fulfilled. Identify the source of this amazing feeling and work it down to one single concept. This is how you find your passion. This is the WHY in your life.

Step 2: Develop a Money Earning Strategy Incorporating your Passion

So now you have a single concept. You have identified the one thing that makes you tick. That makes you want to leap out of the bed in the morning. What is it?

Once you have your key passion, it is time to develop a way to earn money. What product or service relates to your passion? Do you love fixing things? Do you want to help others through a process?

For some of you, your passions may be met in the employ of others. This is absolutely ok! A passionate employee will benefit their employer when the fit is right. You will do better working in any job you love than you will in a job you hate.

Many more of you will seek self-employment. That person who loves fixing things may start a repair shop. The artist may launch a gallery or sell art in a variety of places. Some of you may offer services including things such as senior support, coaching, business training and so many more opportunities. Your passion may need some development and you may need to return to school or complete other learning.

Identifying how your passion can be applied to other careers is something you can do through thought and research. Recently I had someone tell me they wanted to be a police officer. Unfortunately, this career is not an option due to disabilities. But, what is it about being a police officer that made the person want to be one? Is it providing service? Is it stopping crime? Is it helping others? It is respect? By identifying what it is that makes this career desirable, you can find the way to your why. And, when you identify your why, you can start looking at other opportunities that also fit your why.

The key is that when you are passionate about something, the task is no longer scary and you welcome the work. You are completing your why. That isn’t to say you wont have difficult times – you will – but overall you will feel more satisfied at the end of the day and more eager for a new day to begin.

Step 3: Take Action!

Regardless of how clear you are on your passion, nothing will happen until you take that first action. A friend recently shared that she had a goal as a lawyer. She told many people this but for many years, she did nothing to make it happen. She did not apply to law school. She had not even wrote the LSATs. This is far different from my journey when I thought being a lawyer was my why. I had applied to law school and wrote my LSATs. I took action.

Failure to take action is the number one reason so many people never reach their goals. They simply refuse to step forward.

Actions do not have to be big or expensive. It could be as simple as starting to learn a new language (if you want to travel) or attending an event. Perhaps you need to take upgrade courses to further your education and meet the next plateau in your current or future career. Action can be as simple as having a conversation with someone about what interests you or what they do.

The bottom line is that you MUST take action. Any action that moves your forward is a step closer to your goal.

Now it’s your turn to take ACTION!

Grab a pen and piece of paper.

Title it “Things that I Find Fulfilling”

Start writing.

Your journey is now up to you.

Visit www.rebeccapalmer.ca to find out how the Talk It Out program can help you on your transformative journey.




07 Mar

It all started with a conversation

wds 2014 1477 When I first arrived in Portland for World Domination Summit, I did not know what to expect or what would happen over the next few days. Although I embarked on my journey carrying a white board and markers (just in case you know), this project was started on a spur of a moment thought just minutes before the event opening. I took an imperfect step forward towards my goals by starting conversations (and asking people to write on the board). The term to describe this action “imperfect step” turned out to be a key message later in the day when Jadah Sellner took the stage.

I had a mission and a belief – to empower others through global collaboration thus solving world issues. I firmly believe that when we work together we can solve any problem before us. When we enlarge our circle, we also open ourselves to the opportunity for new perspectives. Someone out there may have the answer we are looking for or the key to unlocking it for us.

Conversation is key to this mission. We need to talk more. Widen out circles and make conversation global. Social media platforms like Twitter help global communication to be achieved as long as the user engages with others.

We also need to have more conversations within our current circles. It seems the art of conversation has been somewhat lost as our lives get busy and leave less time for social talk. The world keeps rushing us by and we forget to stop and listen. Listening is a key part of conversation. Giving our full attention (and not glancing over their shoulder) to the person in front of us is also necessary to ensure strong communication.

Conversation. Communication. Collaboration. The three are intertwined. Without conversation, there can be no communication. Without communication, there can be no collaboration. I have refined my personal mission over the last year to empower people, inspire innovation, transform lives and connect communities. One way to achieve my personal mission is through this very blog. Triigo’s purpose is to connect people, encourage collaboration, and change the world.

It all starts with conversation.






05 Mar

Can lawyers come alive?

wds 2014 1632Well. I’m stumped.  I am not sure what this lovely lady I met on my flight home from World Domination Summit meant by “Lawyers Come Alive”. As we had both just attended a wonderful event promoting positive change in the world, I assume she would like to see lawyers be more “real” and more active.

Lawyers are often the butt of bad jokes. There is a preconceived notion that lawyers are stuffy, possibly snotty and overall unfriendly. I can tell you with certainty (and over 10 years in legal field)that it is not true. Well not all of them anyways.

Lawyers are just like you and me. Many of them have passions beyond the law and work to make their community a better place by being part of their community or participating in service-based clubs such as Rotary.

Another interesting fact is that lawyers come from a wide range of backgrounds and possess a wealth of knowledge. Undergraduate degrees may include Sports Medicine, Music, Teaching, English, Drama, Marketing and so on. Many lawyers have also worked other professions before law school such as teaching or accounting. What did your lawyer study? The gentleman I worked with for over 7 years was a high school teacher and journalist before going to law school.

Many lawyers become involved in their community and participate in governance or community groups including service groups such as Rotary. They give back to their community through donations and through actions.  Some become involved in the political field as well.

Other lawyers leave the field of law to use their skills in other ventures. One former lawyer, Julia Deans, is CEO of Futurpreneur, an organization helping young entrepreneurs across Canada. Another former lawyer, Chris Assaad, left the legal field to pursue a career as a musician. And a good friend of mine, Rose Adams, (still practicing) has started speaking to groups across North America to help others know that everyone can follow their dream if they just take action.

We need to see more of this. We need to HEAR more of this. The stereotype of lawyers needs to change. They are humans – just like you and me.

It’s time to celebrate all the great things lawyers do and make lawyers come alive!