wds 2014 1477¬†When I first arrived in Portland for World Domination Summit, I did not know what to expect or what would happen over the next few days. Although I embarked on my journey carrying a white board and markers (just in case you know), this project was started on a spur of a moment thought just minutes before the event opening. I took an imperfect step forward towards my goals by starting conversations (and asking people to write on the board). The term to describe this action “imperfect step” turned out to be a key message later in the day when Jadah Sellner took the stage.

I had a mission and a belief – to empower others through global collaboration thus solving world issues. I firmly believe that when we work together we can solve any problem before us. When we enlarge our circle, we also open ourselves to the opportunity for new perspectives. Someone out there may have the answer we are looking for or the key to unlocking it for us.

Conversation is key to this mission. We need to talk more. Widen out circles and make conversation global. Social media platforms like Twitter help global communication to be achieved as long as the user engages with others.

We also need to have more conversations within our current circles. It seems the art of conversation has been somewhat lost as our lives get busy and leave less time for social talk. The world keeps rushing us by and we forget to stop and listen. Listening is a key part of conversation. Giving our full attention (and not glancing over their shoulder) to the person in front of us is also necessary to ensure strong communication.

Conversation. Communication. Collaboration. The three are intertwined. Without conversation, there can be no communication. Without communication, there can be no collaboration. I have refined my personal mission over the last year to empower people, inspire innovation, transform lives and connect communities. One way to achieve my personal mission is through this very blog. Triigo’s purpose is to connect people, encourage collaboration, and change the world.

It all starts with conversation.






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