Business Advisor | Founder of EntreLaunch and Triigo | Ecosystem Builder Founder | Facilitator

Hi! I’m Rebecca Palmer – an entrepreneur, founder of EntreLaunch Inc., teacher, business advisor, community builder, mom for over 3 decades and so much more.


  • Speaker on Mental Health at Global Entrepreneurial Congress 2022 in Saudi Arabia
  • Organizer, Get in the Ring Ottawa
  • Finalist – Startup Nations Award for Local Policy Leadership 2017
  • Recipient of Adam Chowaniec Memorial Grant for Global Entrepreneurship from Startup Canada
  • Contributor to Globe & Mail Report on Business (Online) “Canadian entrepreneurs tackle key issues at G20 youth summit”
  • Delegate to G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance Summit – Sydney, Australia
  • Founder of 2nd place team at Startup Weekend Barrie – freshCUBE
  • Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 – Simcoe County Young Professionals Association

Overall, I am a multipotentialite and look forward to sharing resources and talents with you.

I am also a 7 time World Domination Summit (2014-2022) attendee and International Karaoke Ambassador.

My travels have taken me around the world as a guest lecturer (and board member) for GEN Moldova, a delegate at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance (2014), a speaker (and regular attendee) at GEC Global Entrepreneurial Congress, and as an event attendee and/or workshop leader at numerous events providing an indescribable amount of knowledge and wisdom.

I have also organized or co-organized a number of events including Get In The Ring Ottawa (2019) and F-Up 2015 (Global Entrepreneurship Week).

As someone who has also experienced mental health challenges (and is not afraid to share), we will also look at entrepreneurial mental health and tools to assist you in your journey.

The formal stuff:

Experienced strategist, entrepreneur and ecosystem builder with a passion for building global relationships, designing educational strategies, and challenging the status quo. 10+ year track-record of defining new business strategies, launching new ventures, and delivering operational impact, both as a founder and business consultant. Skilled at understanding customer desires and meeting their needs from a human-centric approach.

Looking forward to meeting you


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