As WDS2015 rapidly approaches I find myself reliving the energy and spirit of last year’s event – my first time at World Domination Summit. (WDS) wds 2014 1497

The spirit of WDS was evident the second I arrived at my first meetup – drinks at a local bar. I knew no one but within 10 minutes I was welcomed by dozens of people, some of whom ended up living only an hour away from me. WDS is in Portland, I am from Ontario. Everyone was welcoming, inclusive and excited to be there.  You could feel the energy in the room – the excitement of the days ahead!

Over the next few days I was swept up by the overwhelming awesomeness created by Chris Guillebeau and brought together by a team of volunteers and over 3000 official attendees with even more gathered in Portland for unofficial events.  The message was clear – be yourself, be awesome and know you can create impact.

It didn’t matter what interested you, where you came from, what stage you were at in achieving your dream or if you even knew what that dream was – the entire WDS community supported you; they encouraged you. One of my favorite event moments was being 1 of 3000 people singing together to Chicago’s We can Change the World (words modified to Portland of course!).  The sound in the auditorium was awe inspiring! This memory stays with me every day.

The spirit of WDS is with us everyday and we have the ability to share it with others.  Please join me in spreading the spirit across the world.

Looking forward to returning to Portland in just a few weeks for #WDS2015.

Until then…

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