What if you could turn what you love to do into what you live to do?

Instead of spending your day working for someone else doing something that you thoroughly dislike, you could be turning your passion into profit.

Follow these 3 steps to turn your passion into profit and live the life want rather than letting life live you.

Step 1: Identify your Passion.

Identifying your passion is a journey. At times we may not know what we are really passionate about simply because there are so many opportunities out there. We all need to take a step back, evaluate our strengths and weaknesses and figure out what that one thing is that truly excites us.

It was only a few short years ago that I felt at my own crossroads, stuck between the need for a J.O.B. (just over broke) and meeting my own personal goals.  Don’t be afraid to explore different areas as you work to define your passion – exploration is required because you may not have been exposed yet to your path. Before starting my first business, I felt lost. I hated my job not because it was difficult but because I felt a lack of fulfillment. I felt there was so much more I was meant to do. So I applied to law school. I thought this was the right way to go but it was not meant to be. A year later I left my secure job with great employer to launch a business. I was excited for change but not as much as I am now. That business was not what I loved to do but it did lead me on my current path as I was exposed to new thoughts, ideas, people and knowledge. I have explored many options and each path lead me towards my true path – empowering others through conversation.

The path to finding your purpose will be a journey. Take time to open your heart and mind to the unknown and embrace what makes you feel fulfilled. Identify the source of this amazing feeling and work it down to one single concept. This is how you find your passion. This is the WHY in your life.

Step 2: Develop a Money Earning Strategy Incorporating your Passion

So now you have a single concept. You have identified the one thing that makes you tick. That makes you want to leap out of the bed in the morning. What is it?

Once you have your key passion, it is time to develop a way to earn money. What product or service relates to your passion? Do you love fixing things? Do you want to help others through a process?

For some of you, your passions may be met in the employ of others. This is absolutely ok! A passionate employee will benefit their employer when the fit is right. You will do better working in any job you love than you will in a job you hate.

Many more of you will seek self-employment. That person who loves fixing things may start a repair shop. The artist may launch a gallery or sell art in a variety of places. Some of you may offer services including things such as senior support, coaching, business training and so many more opportunities. Your passion may need some development and you may need to return to school or complete other learning.

Identifying how your passion can be applied to other careers is something you can do through thought and research. Recently I had someone tell me they wanted to be a police officer. Unfortunately, this career is not an option due to disabilities. But, what is it about being a police officer that made the person want to be one? Is it providing service? Is it stopping crime? Is it helping others? It is respect? By identifying what it is that makes this career desirable, you can find the way to your why. And, when you identify your why, you can start looking at other opportunities that also fit your why.

The key is that when you are passionate about something, the task is no longer scary and you welcome the work. You are completing your why. That isn’t to say you wont have difficult times – you will – but overall you will feel more satisfied at the end of the day and more eager for a new day to begin.

Step 3: Take Action!

Regardless of how clear you are on your passion, nothing will happen until you take that first action. A friend recently shared that she had a goal as a lawyer. She told many people this but for many years, she did nothing to make it happen. She did not apply to law school. She had not even wrote the LSATs. This is far different from my journey when I thought being a lawyer was my why. I had applied to law school and wrote my LSATs. I took action.

Failure to take action is the number one reason so many people never reach their goals. They simply refuse to step forward.

Actions do not have to be big or expensive. It could be as simple as starting to learn a new language (if you want to travel) or attending an event. Perhaps you need to take upgrade courses to further your education and meet the next plateau in your current or future career. Action can be as simple as having a conversation with someone about what interests you or what they do.

The bottom line is that you MUST take action. Any action that moves your forward is a step closer to your goal.

Now it’s your turn to take ACTION!

Grab a pen and piece of paper.

Title it “Things that I Find Fulfilling”

Start writing.

Your journey is now up to you.

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