05 Nov

Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun

wds 2014 1531“Creativity is intelligence having fun” – brilliant words by Albert Einstein that ring true with this entrepreneur and many more.

When we unlease our creativity, our imagination can lead to innovative things; new perspectives, different methods, amazing ideas!

This is just one reason why the Arts are vital to everyone.

The Arts include drawing, music, reflection, dance, writing, drama and so much more. Each one of us has likely drawn on skills developed through exposure to the arts at one point in life whether it be preparing for that interview, sketching a logo, writing a report or designing a website. The Arts encourage us to think bigger and help us hone the skills we need to be successful.

We need the Arts to continue to fuel our creativity. At the 2014 World Domination Summit, I ran into Gavin Aung Than, creator of Zen Pencils, who was also one of the speakers (see his video here). One of the changes Gavin wants to see in the world is an increase in Arts funding. As mentioned above, the Arts have a major role in our lives even if we don’t always realize it.

Gavin is an amazing artist – his WDS poster hangs proudly in my office reminding me of the importance of creativity in every function of our lives. Without creativity, we wouldn’t have imagination or innovation; our lives would stagnate and change would be unthinkable. We need artists. We need intelligent people having fun and being a little creative along the way.