It’s called social media. Are you being social or simply acting as a broadcaster?broadcasters

Too many people join Twitter thinking that simply re-tweeting posts or tweeting out their own sales and information means that they are using Twitter right. But, that is simply broadcasting – a one-way message.

Sharing information is important but it must be countered with your own business voice. Compose an original tweet providing value to your followers. Ask a question. Comment on a tweet. Thank another tweep for liking your posting, mentioning your name or providing a useful link. Create a two-way conversation. Want to kick it up a notch? Join a twitter chat.

Regardless of the platform, it is vital to be involved in an exchange of information to truly create a social environment. When you interact with your audience, your audience will interact with you to create a two-way flow of information; an exchange that can benefit both parties. Engage your audience on all platforms and put the social back in social media.