21 Aug

It’s All About the Dance

IMG_20140713_205418 Dance like no one is watching. Dream like anything is possible.

When you let yourself go through dance, you release negativity, you feel re-energized and you mind clears and refocuses. Dancing is something that can bond strangers even when language barriers exist. Some form of dance is found in almost every culture around the world.

Many of the Triigo Project posts to this point have been fairly serious topics but tonight’s answer is all about the need for dancing. It is a change my new friend Maureen and I both wanted to see in the world. Dancing frees the spirit and the mind. As you bounce, spin and jive to the rhythm of the beats, you start to feel uninhibited – you get lost in the music.  Stress and problems dissolve away. You smile. You may even forget reality for a little while. And, it’s exercise. Exercise of any type is bound to get the endorphins pumping and this evening certainly did.

The music at the start of the closing party for World Domination Summit was popular upbeat music most of us know and love. Your feet started tapping and you may even have sang along. Then, it became Bollywood dance party. As if that wasn’t amazing enough, add in colour party! Many of those dancing did not know each other. We were from different cities across the world but we all danced together. We all had fun, let loose and laughed. And danced!  By the end of the night, it looked a little more like this:


See those huge grins? The laughter and joy we were feeling shines through in our smiles. Though we barely spoke to each other, we now share a bond – a common thread of a happy memory.

Dance unites us globally. It is a part of virtually every culture and a wonderful way to connect with people who don’t share your language. Get out and dance!