07 Oct

The Importance of Asking Why

On the eve of the Art of Entrepreneurship, it seems fitting to talk about Chris Guillebeau’s answer to What is the Change You Want to See in the World.¬†Chris’s answer “More People Asking Why” is an answer I would like to see occur as well.

wds 2014 1570When we ask why, we open up possibilities and have an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of why and how things happen. We open our hearts and our minds.

Asking why has led to a lot of learning and, in process, an abundance of knowledge on a variety of issues. Asking why has also helped me work better as I understand the processes that must take place prior to my involvement. It is not enough to simply know what you do as having a thorough understanding of the entire process will help you streamline processes and work together as a team, even when the team may consist of different groups of people and/or businesses.

Let’s go one step further and ask “Why Not?”

As an entrepreneur, I have often asked myself this question. Why not start my own business? Why not attend an event where I know no one? Why not start asking complete strangers to write on a board?

In essence, we are asking what could happen if we take a chance and step outside our comfort zone and take a risk. What is the worst that could happen? What are the consequences? Why are we afraid?

The bottom line is simple. We need to ask questions every day and challenge ourselves. It is not enough to simply act without thought; to exist but not live.