One action that can change the lives of millions.

In 2012, a lone girl, Malala Yousafzai, was shot in the face by Taliban because she was an advocate for female education. Malala was just 15 years old when the shooting occurred. She could have allowed herself to be crippled by the incident – to stop fighting for her beliefs, to simply exist and hide from her adversaries.

Malala chose courage. At the tender age of 17, Malala continues her advocacy for the rights of children and is the 2014 recipient of a Noble Peace Prize. Her name is known around the world.

Did I mention she is 17 and from Pakistan, a nation faced with overpopulation, poverty, corruption and terrorism? Malala gives me hope that we all have the power to make a huge change in the world regardless of our age, country, background or standing in society.

Acts of courage also occur a much smaller scale and happen around us every single day. Each time we face a fear, we are showing courage. And, each time we share our accomplishments or challenges, we give others hope that they too can overcome anything in their path.

We each have the power to change someone’s life through our actions and by sharing our stories and speaking out about issues in our society. A single act of courage can inspire millions.

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Just a Few Acts of Courage:

  • Asking someone for help
  • Standing up for your beliefs
  • Attempting something new
  • Disrupting the normal process
  • Facing a fear
  • Sharing a personal story
  • Moving forward against all odds

The #TriigoProject was started with an act of courage. It required facing my fears of meeting new people and asking them to answer my question. Will this project change the world? Yes!

If just one person is inspired by this blog and in turn inspires others, it will create a ripple effect with ever expanding ripples that will create change. Inspire one person and you can change the world!





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