24 Nov

Today is a Day for Compassion and Love

compassion and loveToday, a day that will go down in history as the date of the Ferguson decision, is a day where we need compassion and love.

Thank you to this wonderful person on the right for wanting to bring compassion and love to the world. It is the change we need.

We are all living beings regardless or colour, gender, religion, or other qualification. We all breathe. We all share this earth. We all bleed.  We also feel.

It is time to end the anger.

It is a time for compassion. For love. We need to celebrate the good, stomp out the injustice and value each other.

We need to talk to each other. Empower each other. Understand each other.

Stop the stereotypes though I know many of us still tend to judge people based on the actions of a group. Our judgment may not be what we consider stereotypical but it is still a judgment – we have painted people with the same brush because of an incident with someone similar.  Have you ever placed judgement (however minor) on a group because of age, financial status, place of employment, country, political affiliation or job?

I know I am guilty.

Each of us is unique. Each of us is valuable.

It is time for us to start talking about our differences and learn from each other. It is time to love one another and treat each individual with compassion.

My heart goes out to those in Ferguson. I ask that we all pray to whomever guides us – God, the Universe, nature and so on – for each side to stop and listen to each other; to take time to understand each other.

It is time to act as a global nation and bring peace, acceptance and love to all.