16 Aug

What If Everyone Could See His or Her Own Greatness?

everyone to see their own greatnessWhat if everyone could see his or her own greatness? What if every community was positive and supportive of one another?

As I headed toward the airport the morning after World Domination Summit wound down, I had an opportunity to meet another attendeeĀ  who felt the above was what we need to see change in the world.

We had just spent several days in the company full of positive and supportive people and were high on the energy generated by same. When I imagine a world full of similar people, I think of the unlimited possibilities, the world changing, war-ending, poverty ending possibilities. We would all be more likely to believe in ourselves to move forward in life; to accomplish greatness in such a community.

This idea is not so far fetched. We all have greatness within us but many of us are unable to believe. Naysayers shoot down our dreams and ideas before they even have a chance to take root, let alone grow. Negative thoughts discourage us.

To find our own greatness, we need to block out these people and surround ourselves with a community of positive, supporting people who will nurture our ideas and gently guide us along our journey.

Remember that you all have greatness within you. Believe in yourself and watch the universe unfold.