15 Aug

Do One Kind Thing

What if everyone did one kinIMG_20140712_155731d thing once a week for someone? This is the change    many WDS attendees want to see in the world.

Think of it! Each person on this planet helping someone else just once a week. Imagine how that will help the world. An act of kindness does not have to be a huge act or an expensive act.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing how to be kind to someone else. You can mentor someone, be a driver for a cancer patient, volunteer at a wds 2014 1583food bank or community organization, pay for someone’s coffee or meal, take a senior out grocery shopping or simply hold open a door. Kindness also occurs when you offer support and encouragement to others.

Michael’s act of kindness on this day was to stop and help me with Triigo Project by answering a question and allowing me to take a picture. There was no cost involved, no extraordinary effort on his part – just 60 seconds of his time. Over 120 attendees joined Michael in answering my question.

Starting now, I challenge you to make the extra wds 2014 1548effort to be kind to someone every week by doing something you do not regularly do; cut your neighbour’s lawn, shovel their driveway, volunteer at a community event. Just get out there and be kind!

I also suggest checking out Pay It Forward, an organization dedicated to being kind to others.