28 Aug

We Need People to be Known and Loved

People Are Known and LovedWhen I asked Jenna Forstrom “What is the Change You Want to See in the World,” Jenna said “That people are known and loved.” Thank you Jenna for letting us know a little about you.

Jenna was one of the wonderful volunteers at World Domination Summit. As you can see by her amazing smile, she radiated energy and love!

We often fail to get to know others in society and to make everyone feel loved. Acknowledging each other is a simple thing we can do each day. A smile, a wave, a compliment – all things we can do to to connect to others around us. But this alone is not enough.

Let’s take time to really get to know people in our community, our families and our workplaces by asking them to share their interests, goals and dreams. Take an active interest in others and let them feel your love and support. Lift their spirits and encourage their dreams. A little encouragement will go a long way.

When we take the time to find out about others, we also discover a new understanding about what makes a person tick. This added insight may lead to finding common goals or helping one another with an issue. And, when you take the time to get to know someone, that person will also feel more valuable.  People may feel invisible at times but by paying a little attention to other, we can provide a boost of self-esteem and likely learn something interesting about the other person.

Take time this week to talk to someone you know little about. Help people around you feel known and loved.