02 Sep

A Back to School Wish for Kindness

children acting kindlyAs the kids get ready to head back to school, Erica’s answer to my question “What is the Change You Want to See in the World” seems to fit well – Erica wants to see people and children acting kindly toward each other.

This doesn’t seem to be a huge request. Most of us were told by our parents early on to be kind to others. But, as evidenced by bullying in schools and the workplace, somewhere along the way we forget to be kind…

Or maybe we did not? Has the world reached a place where parents no longer encourage their children to be kind? Do we lack the manners of our fore-bearers? Is life seemingly so busy that being nice to someone or helping someone out is no longer something we have time to do?

Is kindness really that difficult?

I was raised to use my manners, to help others, to provide service in my community. I was taught to be kind but I also learned from example. Maybe kindness was more evident when I was growing up?

As our kids head back to school tomorrow, I know that leading by example has not been enough. However kind they are to others, however empathetic, my kids risk unkindness from others.

My wish for you, for your children and for your future is to lead and set an example for your children. Demonstrate kindness in front of them. Talk to your kids about unkind acts such as whispering about others, gossiping, bullying and more. Talk to your kids about standing up for others who are victims of unkind acts. Teach your children about the power of kindness.