10 Sep

The Power of Brainstorming

I first learned the power of brainstorming in elementary school. Back then, we were not trying to solve world issue, we were simply looking at different ways to approach issues.

Really, the premise is the same anywhere, just the scale changes – or the name. Brainstorming may also be referred to as a brain dump.  Basically, you take a problem or issue and you think of all the possible solutions or related ideas until you find answers. Brainstorming can be done in groups or on your own. Simply grab a white, board, glass screen or table, or a good old-fashioned flip chart and let the ideas fly!

Along the way, you will also discover many far-fetched ideas. The great thing about these ideas is that something far-fetched often leads to something that fits. In essence, that crazy, out of the box idea may actually be an idea that you can pivot for ultimate success!

Once you have a bunch of answers or ideas, review same with your team (or on your own) and eliminate the ones that simply don’t make sense or do not apply to the situation. Then discuss the remaining responses taking time to consider if the answer applies to your situation. Does the answer offer other possibilities? One can start another round of brainstorming based on a viable idea that could be altered to fit your purpose.

Brainstorming encourages you to think outside the box – to explore all options (even the crazy ones) and to use your creativity to develop an idea, to find the perfect solution or, to create something amazing!

Einstein once said “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” To me, this perfectly sums up brainstorming. The best brainstorming is done in groups with some laughter or ridiculous ideas.  This is not to say that you shouldn’t take a brainstorming session seriously but rather, where possible, have some fun with the process.

Brainstorming can change the world. Imagine what could happen if a team of motivated individuals around the world met to brainstorm a common problem? And, imagine that one of those people had the key, the answer, to a problem you need solved. It is a powerful tool when combined with global communication.