08 Sep

Overcoming Constraints of Society Expectations

societal expectationSometimes what we love to do simply doesn’t fit what society expects us to be. Simply put, what we want and desire is often outside the normal expectations of work.

The average person works a 35 – 44 hour work week and has somewhere between 2 – 6 weeks vacation a year, depending on the occupation and level of employment. Many of these hours are spent at a desk or at a counter working for others under a strict set of rules.  You are expected to show up for work each day, complete the tasks assigned to you and tow the company line. You live to work, not work to live. Your work life rules you.

In 2012, only 19% of people were satisfied with their jobs according to a 2012 survey by Right Management. This is a very sad statistic. Shouldn’t we, as a society, seek to live fulfilling lives by working in satisfying careers?

What if we lived our passion free of societal expectations? What if we lived for our work and our lives and work intertwined to fulfill our passions, our desires, our dreams?

Some businesses, such as Zappos and Google, are starting to recognize the need for encouraging passion and exploring outside the box thinking. Google even provides employees time for working on side projects with amazing results! Employees are more satisfied and innovative ideas are developed.

When business and passion are combined, we open a world of possibilities and unending opportunities for innovation. By breaking free of constraints in normal business society, businesses can allow their staff to follow their passions.

Or, break free of society yourself and become an entrepreneur. Take your passions to the next level and live for work instead of working to live. You only have one life so spend it wisely.