UPDinners – A Worldwide Event (#UPDinners)

Join communities around the world to host a dinner on November 18, 2016 to discuss how we can lift UP our communities and work towards a better world. The feature topic this year will be Entrepreneurship in honour of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

The concept is simple: host a dinner for up to 10 people at your home, church, a community room or restaurant.

Hosts can provide food, host a potluck style dinner or order in – the choice is up to you.

Hosts can invite guests themselves and/or open their table to others.

Together we can look at our world from new perspectives.

Discussion Topics (feel free to add your own!)

  1. Artificial intelligence and robots will replace many of today’s jobs meaning many of tomorrow’s jobs do not yet exist. How does entrepreneurship fit into this trend?
  2. There is a global youth unemployment crisis. How can entrepreneurship be used as a tool to assist unemployed and underemployed youth?
  3. Should entrepreneurship be part of all high school and university programs?
  4. Can you teach entrepreneurship?
  5. Social entrepreneurship – how can entrepreneurial ventures change the world in a positive way?
  6. Have you failed? Share your stories and your lessons learned in failure.

The official date is Friday November 18, 2016 but start your conversation now! Share information and insights about your community. You and your guests are encouraged to share community links and links to articles and ideas for your community to your social media accounts using the #UPDinners hashtag.

On November 18, share, tweet, Instagram and post your comments and discussion.  We want to hear the results of your conversation!

Sign up now to host #UPDinners. Please also let us know if you have room for additional guests looking for a table spot.  Click the link below for our host toolkit!


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