04 Sep

Just a Little Respect

self respectAll we need is just a little respect – self respect.

When you respect yourself, you feel more confident, have more courage and dream bigger. Self-respect is an important key to success as without self-respect, others may not value you.

We are all worthy of respect – especially self respect – but it does not come easy to everyone.  Mental and physical abuse, assault, sexual assault, victims of crimes, bullying, mental illness and other indignities can all rob us of our self-esteem and reduce our worthiness in our own eyes. It can take years, decades even, to regain self-esteem and finally start to respect yourself again.

We are all worthy of respect.

Self-respect starts with you. Remind yourself.  Know that you are valuable. Know that you matter. Know that your future is yet unwritten and is only waiting for you.

Respect yourself.