05 Sep

The Triigo Project Journey

We are a good month into the Triigo Project and I must admit that writing a blog post every day simply did not happen – life got in the way. But, I am going to continue updating daily (most days) until I run out of pictures. I need your help to make sure this does not happen so please read on.

This project started with one person and became part of the World Domination Summit experience. Ironically, launching the project at the start of the event fit nicely with many of the speaker topics over the next few days. Jadah Sellner spoke aBravebot bout taking imperfect action – the need to take an imperfect step forward. Well, my photo project is just that – an imperfect step forward on a journey to connect people, encourage collaboration and create change.  Gary Hirsch then talked about the need to be brave and presented us all with our very own bravebot – this little guy helped me to keep asking questions, to keep being brave when it would be so much easier just to stay in my seat and do nothing.

Throughout the next few days, I carried around a whiteboard and several markers asking everyone I met: “What is the Change You Want to See in the World?”

The answers were varied with very few alike. And, the answers were unpredictable. When I started this project, I expected more answers relating to poverty, hunger or clean water. While I did receive a few of these answers, the majority of answers involved other issues and beliefs. Overall, education seemed to be the most common answer.

What was also exciting was the people who started following me just to see what the next person would write. Overall, I loved having an opportunity to talk to more people – everyone being unknown to me until the moment we met.

It has been very exciting to review the answers and the next step in the project is to not only identify the answers but also to hold people accountable to their answer. If you see education as a needed change, we want to know how you are going about making this change? It is not enough for us to simply want change, we must be the change we want to see.

Think about what your answer would be? What is the Change YOU want to see in the world? How are YOU helping to make this change happen?

I will be continuing to ask questions at different events around the world. I would also love to hear from you and receive pictures with your answers.

Until next time,